The shining from jaffar

I’ve never known hate until I hated my self now I just wish I could write like my old self screaming rhymes and limericks in mouth but not a word can come out it escapes evaporates translucent cryptic substituted pollution wish I could survive and cry my lies with a tight rope noose in my deliverance is belligerent my mind has succumbed to numbness I’ve wasted talent in abundance nothing ever comes out of emotional substance just heart felt cries on draw out melancholic minds to suffice for the daily grind that suffices just to suffice clattering splattering bamboozled hammering that’s what’s the picture in my mind which was once resolute but now destitute makers mind


A pulp work orange

Sluggish similes stagnant inarticulate grammar ridiculed stammer repetitions repeated frozen jaw locked to the floor when all I wanna do is look up and soar you speak effortlessly while I stutter in a a awe you’ll never know what it’s like to be regarded as regardless basically retarded the teacher used words like unique and particular but in my mind I am not dissimilar I am neither or equivalent to the negative Integer so please don’t treat me like me and you are not similar I am my stammers prisoner
Elliptically eloquent that is my deranged sentiment.